Support System, We All Need One

One of the most important factors of acceptance is a strong and reliable support system. I know I would have never gotten where I am, much less through high school, if I didn’t have such an amazing support system of family and friends to stand by my side, along the way. Even further than family and friends, many organizations, one in particular, contributed to my support system. Today I’m going to talk about and thank an organization that helped me confide in other lgbtq classmates and young people my age who understood exactly what I was going through.

As you probably know, high school can be hell for a lot of people, especially queer people. Over the years, students have become a lot more accepting of queer students. I honestly don’t remember a time where I was bullied or mistreated by anyone because of my sexuality. Then again, mostly only people I was friends with or people I knew and had class with, knew that I was gay. Regardless, one day my friend Jacob and I were talking to a very “out and about” flamboyant friend of ours who told us he was President of our school’s GSA club and that we should come by the meeting after school. GSA stood for Gay Straight Alliance and it was the first time either of us had even heard of it. Jacob and I were in the more “popular” group of students and didn’t have a lot of gay friends; and those gay friends we did have were in the closet, just like us. We were pretty anxious to drop by this meeting, not knowing exactly what to expect or who would be there and most importantly, who would recognize us or see us going into this meeting.

Anyway, we ended up sneaking our way into this meeting and would have never guessed to have the experience that we did. We were happily greeted and encouraged to join in on all group discussions and activities. We had never felt so welcomed by a group of students. The coolest part was being able to share experiences with people who understood what it was like to struggle with our journey to acceptance. There was absolutely no room for judgement or discrimination in this group and we loved that! I encourage anyone struggling with their sexuality or even just lgbtq curious people to find similar organizations in their schools and communities or even online communities that are lgbtq focused and friendly. I don’t have any pictures of this group (since Jacob and I were in the closet we didn’t take a lot of photos) but here is a GSA logo I found online that is similar to the logo design we had:


There are an endless amount of options for help and support along the path of your journey, never forget that you are NOT by any means alone. There are others with the same questions, ideas, thoughts, etc as you. You can make friends and even meet your future significant others in groups such as GSA. As discussed in the paragraph above this, there are several online communities that are lgbtq friendly, such as Tumblr, where you can easily resonate with many followers and lgbtq advice gurus. There are an extensive amount of blogs that cater to the lgbtq community that you can easily follow and gain tips and advice from for this journey you create for yourself. Buuuuut, we will talk more about online lgbtq friendly communities next time! The takeaway from today is: build a strong and positive support system with the resources given to you but also search for more, because there are so many people and organizations out there who are willing and eager to help you get through it all.

This is a video about being gay in a more or less “straight world,” by the Tumblr and YouTube Lesbian guru: Jenna Anne.

Always be yourself,

Your not so average gay — Amanda








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